Couples and Caregiver Services

Identify each person’s strengths and stressors; understand how these unique energies play off one another; learn what is important to each other; minimize conflict; build your relationship; and learn tips and tricks for improving communication, interacting, and encouraging each other.

Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone. (Colossians 4:6)

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Kolbe Services

People strive in natural patterns, or MOs. The Modus Operandi of the individual is ingrained; it’s an innate ability. Therefore, you can trust it. Because it is innate, it doesn’t change. It is both predictable and reliable. You each know what the other will do, regardless of the changes that you both are experiencing. Since people will operate true to form, there is at least one constant that you can depend upon during times of crisis, upheaval in your daily patterns, and change due to a health diagnosis.

Every human being is endowed with a set of creative instincts—the hard-wired part of us that make us who we are. Understanding these natural attributes helps focus energy on what we do best. Each person contributes four of these natural abilities. The goal is to be able to operate in the strength areas, and to seek out people who complement each other as teammates.

We must give each other the freedom to operate according to their instinctive strengths. When a person can get back to operating true to form the easier it is to thrive. When they are thriving, they are healing.

Action Modes®
As Defined by Kathy Kolbe

12 Kolbe Strenghts

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Once you have completed the Kolbe A, you can now receive your takes two report. You can learn things about each other that will make it easier to have a stronger, more joyful relationship.

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