The Book

For twenty years, God has been leading, guiding, and preparing author Mari D. Martin to walk alongside her husband, Chris, through a throat cancer diagnosis, the treatment of that cancer, the recovery from the side effects of the treatments, and then through rehabilitation to return to what will be his new normal.
Come Home Alive is really a love story, shared by a caregiver. It’s about inspiring caregivers everywhere that what they do day and night matters. It’s about inspiring patients to muster the willpower to fight for their lives and never give up. It is about the power of knowing how to work together to make it through the crisis of cancer—or any other healthcare crisis –together. It’s about the power of prayer, the power of belief, being grateful and thankful, and then….expecting the miracle!
Come Home Alive tells how Mari’s role as caregiver was to stay true to herself, while also being the hands and feet to recognize, minimize, and complete the tasks and requirements Chris naturally resisted. Their plan, rooted in faith, and hope, started with daily time together in prayer and belief in the healing power of God. It ended with a practice of thankfulness and expecting a miracle. What they did together in the middle is one you can do, too—through greater awareness of each other’s strengths, how to work together, and be a team with the knowledge and wisdom to come home alive.